Pleno’s RAPTOR instrument platform is designed for medium to high-throughput labs with known-content applications detecting up to 10,000 targets.

RAPTOR Instrument Platform

Pleno’s groundbreaking RAPTOR benchtop instrument platform delivers ultra-scalable sample throughput while detecting hundreds to thousands of biomarkers per sample – all with very high precision and at low cost. This makes the platform a perfect choice for applications such as pharmacogenomics, tumor profiling, NIPT, proteomics, infectious diseases, early cancer screening, agrigenomics and more.

Built to use standard format 96- or 384-well plate consumables while maintaining sample isolation (typically one sample per well) and ensuring upstream lab automation compatibility, RAPTOR is designed to revolutionize lab economics.


Benchtop Instrument Platform

Product Features and Specs
Biomarker Types
DNA, Small and Large Indels, CNVs, Pseudogenes, Methylation, Fusions, RNA, and Proteins
Consumable Type
96-Well Plate (384-Well Plate Capable)
Biomarkers / Well
10 - 10,000+
Sample / Run
1 -96 (Up to 384 with 384-Well Plate)
Instrument Run Time
3 - 4 Hours (Based on Number of Biomarkers)
End-to-End Workflow
Typically Less than 8 Hours (Application Dependant)
Typically Less Than 30 Min When Automated
Samples / Day
~576 using 96-Well Plates or ~2,304 using 384-Well Plates (Assuming 4 hour instrument run time with full automation and pipelined workflow)

Get RAPTOR Early Access!

Early access to the RAPTOR Instrument Platform is currently available through Pleno’s Apps Lab. The Apps Lab provides a fully automated workflow environment that can rapidly process customer samples (extracted nucleic acid) and generate data for evaluation and comparison purposes.

There is also limited availability of RAPTOR Early Access instruments for onsite customer evaluations. Production of RAPTOR instruments is targeted for late 2024 with general availability in early 2025.

Customers and partners who are interested in signing up for the RAPTOR Early Access Program are encouraged to reach out via email ASAP as participation is limited.