Go Beyond PCR
Genomics Reimagined.

Revolutionizing Lab Economics

Imagine if genomic testing were affordable and accessible to everyone.
Imagine getting the full multi-omic picture from a single patient sample.
Imagine results being back the same day instead of a week or more later.
Imagine your clinical genomics lab being profitable.
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At Pleno, not only have we imagined a truly foundational new technology to accomplish this - we have made it a reality.

Genomic testing has changed how healthcare is delivered, but while there are ~2 million new cases of cancer diagnosed in the US each year, only a small fraction of those are tested due to the cost, complexity, and lengthy workflows of existing platforms. At Pleno, we reimagined how genomic testing could be done and have built an instrument platform from the ground up to unlock the vast market potential of clinical genomics.

This holds true for more than just oncology. In fact, for all applications where genomics has been shown to improve the quality of care, penetration has been limited, leaving large, untapped markets.

While Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) ushered in a new era of personalized medicine, unlocking the genome to drive improved outcomes, the costs have remained prohibitive. Even though sequencing costs continue to decline, the challenge remains that sequencing costs are only a fraction of the total cost associated with going from a patient sample to a recommended therapy. Total cost, turnaround time, and workflow are all critical to drive uptake. Other enabling tools like PCR and Microarrays face similar challenges that limit their growth potential and market penetration.

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